Approaching Climate Change Science

Approaching Climate Change Science

Difficulty Rating: Medium . Academic Discipline: Earth Science

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Clip Guide

: Here you will find clear descriptions of what you just saw, how they know what they said they knew, why they know it to be trustworthy information. Finally we will ask the question, "So what!" and explore why the information is important.

WHAT do we know?

In this clip from a 2009 interview with Roger Pulwarty, he describes the review process that climate science goes through before it is published in a report such as those produced by the IPCCC. Dr. Pulwarty then explains that an important step in the scientific process is critical review and that similar conclusions about climate change have been reached by the vast majority of scientists studying that field.

This interview was conducted in Aspen, Colorado by AGCI during a workshop on Advanced Climate Modeling and Decision-Making Support of Climate Services.

WHO is this?

Dr. Roger Pulwarty is an atmospheric scientist who researches the interactions between climate and society. He is interested in developing effective services to mitigate the social risks associated with climate change, and in previous studies Dr. Pulwarty has inquired into hydroclimatic variability and change, assessing social vulnerability and capacity to respond to climatic variations and weather extremes, and the use of research-based information in natural resources policy and decision-making.

Dr. Pulwarty holds a bachelor's degree in atmospheric sciences, and a P.h.D. in climatology. He currently works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Boulder, Colorado. 

Further Reading
Further Reading: 

Further information on Roger Pulwarty and presentations he has given at AGCI is available on the AGCI website.

The complete summary of the IPCCC's 5th Assessment Report on Climate Change can be found on the IPCC's official website.